Portfolio of Films

Here is a small selection of recent films and trailers.  I have made a range of other films (commercial and independent) that are not listed here, please contact me for details if you are interested.  Depending on your bowser in order to play the films in full screen you may need to view them in Vimeo –  click the Vimeo logo in the film frame.

Documentary Showreel.

Extracts from a selection of independent work and commercial commissions.  I directed, shot and edited all material – I hope it gives a taste of my work.  Music is Bach’s 1st Cello Suite, played by Ruth Boden, from my documentary Andante. (See below for full film)

Gyalmu’s House  – trailer

The full film can be viewed, for free HERE. Further details are on the film’s website here: https://gyalmushouse.wordpress.com/

Andante – trailer

A film made in the summer of 2014 with Ruth Boden a cellist and academic who runs the project Music Outside Four Walls.  The full film, which is ten minutes long is embedded below.

Andante – full film

A musician heads in to the Wallowa mountains on a journey to share her passion, find inspiration and carry her companion to 3000 metres.

Two Problems Solved

A film of the inaugral pop-up surplus food cafe in East Oxford.  Tackling food waste and food poverty.

Mabel – trailer / extract

This is a portrait of Mabel Edwards, a part-time taxidermy artist, and full-time denizen of London: artist, clothes designer, deli-manager, party-goer and pet-lover.  Spend time with this most engaging of people. The film is not yet finished, I’m hoping to complete it in Summer 2015 but this extract gives a taste of the film.

Not Him – trailer

A trailer for a short drama based on a play by Howard Barker, one of Britain’s most celebrated playwrights.  It is Reel Planet’s first and, to date, only fiction.  The full film will be made available after the festival circuit.

Surface – full film, 14 mins.

A gentle, lyrical portrait of place, and our relationship with the sea and its inhabitants. The film follows tourists, residents and conservationists on the southern coast of the Moray firth in Scotland as they cast their eyes out to sea and search for the resident dolphins of the bay.

Black Rock

A film of the practice as research project ‘Performing Mountains’ for Leeds University.

Bodies in the Crypt – extracts

Extracts from the longer film of some of the issues (intellectual and practical) that arose the production of Marlowe’s The Massacre at Paris in the crypt of Canterbury Cathedral. This film was made to support a Practice as Research Project at the University of Kent, and was used in a conference presentation, and as part of the evidence archive and outcomes of the project.  Rather than a simple record of the process we wanted to capture something of the intellectual and creative issues stirred-up in the project.  This extract mainly follows the process of finding a physical language for the production. Other issues, not illustrated here, concerned the nature of the space.

Oxford East Green Party Election Campaign.  1 of 5 films. 2 mins.

This is one of 5 films that Reel Planet made, in partnership with Claire Lasko, for the East Oxford Green Party election campaign 2015.

Discovering Art: Old Masters – full film

I have been making a number of films with the Aidan Meller Galleries in Oxford, this is one of them, a quick guide to ‘Old Masters’.  It is one of three films introducing periods in art, with the aim of giving the galleries’ clients an overview of the context of works they might be interested in.  Please enter the password Meller to view.

Sighting! – whole film, 3mins

Sighting was made for web / social media distribution to promote volunteering with the Cetacean Research and Rescue Unit

Shooting Partridges – whole film.

I set out to make a short wildlife documentary about partridges, but it turned into something else. This is an essay film more than a documentary, it is is a personal journey through the English countryside, and an exploration of the relationship between nature and culture.

This is very much an experiment with a particular form of filmmaking, and a quest for a certain voice. It was also an early piece of work for me

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