So I’ve been quiet.

After the excitement of 18 months spent making, distributing, and touring Gylamu’s House, last year was quieter.  In fact I decided to undertake an MSc in Psychology to deepen my understanding of human action and cognition and to become more familiar with scientific method.  I am keen to advance my filmmaking into more rigorous scientific areas and I felt an understanding some of the principles of Natural Science research would be beneficial.  I also thoroughly enjoyed it – education has value in and of itself.

I’m now beginning to develop several possible projects – some of which draw upon this experience.

Screenings for Gyalmu’s House

Gyalmu’s House has now been selected for a number of film festivals and festival tours across Europe, America and Asia.  I am keeping an updated page of screening dates and locations (or links to tour diaries) on the film’s web pages, here:


Gyalmu’s House at Kendal Mountain Festival

Following an excellent and exciting time at the Banff Mountain Film Festivalin Canada we’re now off, with Gyalmu’s House, to Europe’s equivalent, the Kendal International Mountain Festival.  There are some excellent films showing and interesting speakers, it’s always a fun weekend and I tend to go even if I don’t have a film there.


Gyalmu’s House nearing completion

The film we made in Nepal, Gyalmu’s House, is nearing the final stages of the edit.  It’s been a particularly complex process for me, not speaking Nepali; thankfully of course Asmita, my co-director, does.

We have created a web site with a short trailer, a few other bits of film ‘extras’ and the ususal blog, sysnopsis and biographies.  I’ll be posting all detail about the film on that site, not here.

It’s here