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A film may significantly enhance the impact and reach of your project: it is the best way to engage others with your story and values. It  may provide extremely useful archive material and compelling evidence of the intention, scope and process of a project. My background in theatre, education, documentary and art films means that I am well equipped to help you tell and sell your story clearly and creatively.  I have particular experience making films in the areas of adventure and wilderness, the arts, and personal human stories.

There are many different approaches to a project which depend upon the nature of the work as well as the intended purpose and audience of the outcome.  A film may be designed for web or cinema, it may be a clearly guided factual account or a more poetic evocation – most often it will be something in between.

Please contact me to discuss your project.  Email me at or use the contact form below.


I can provide a complete service from the development of initial ideas and scripting through to the delivery of an appropriately formatted final file – or any individual stage in between.

A project is likely to involve several preliminary meetings (in person, phone or Skype) in order to identify crucial stories, people, events and sequences as well as establishing the film’s purpose and audience.  At this point we will identify the style of approach and a broad script (nothing restrictive – just a sense of the important things / people / ideas).  We will then agree a shooting schedule and identify any technical or logistical issues, including the obtaining of any permissions.

The shooting itself may range from a single person shooter / director (i.e. me) this is the least intrusive method but it does have its limitations.  A complex environment, event or interview might require a separate director and shooter, or even two cameras.

The edit is, in many ways, where the film is ‘made’.  A clear idea of the objectives and story before the film is shot will help the edit no end.  However we often don’t know exactly what events will unfold, and the edit can make sense of these.  The more complex the story / film the more complex the edit.  In any event, as commissioner of the film you will be given opportunity to input at several stages during the process, and of course final approval.

In most cases, and for most distribution contexts, I can complete post production in my studio but sophisticated sound, graphics or effects may require external input.


The company is only me full time, though I employ additional specialist team members as required, I work from a studio at home and have all necessary equipment for most film projects – thus my costs are low and my fees are competitive at around £300 – £350 (depending on activity) a day including high quality HD camera / sound / editing facilities. The time required naturally depends upon the nature of the project but as some guiding examples:

  1. A short (3 minute or so) ‘talking head’ (an expert presenting information to camera) with a few environment shots and opening and closing titles may take as little as one day to shoot, edit and export, thus a fee of around £300. Adding process shots (activity) to that, increasing film length and complexity, might increase the cost to between £450 and £600.
  2. 2 or 3 talking heads or maybe some shots of a work process, 5 titles / credits may add an additional half day to a day (£450-£600).  Putting music and 2 or 3 library stills to it may add a further half day.
  3. A more complex project with multiple locations, a more complex story (thus more sophisticated editing) and multiple music and texts or graphics cards could be significantly more.  The ‘Aidan Meller Old Masters’ film on my portfolio page was around 7 days work in total – consider a project like this around £2000
  4. Needless to say a bigger project such as joining and filming an expedition will require detailed costing and planning.  A three week expedition would probably not be costed at 21 x daily rate, plus 2 weeks edit (5 weeks in total plus expenses) but more likely a sensible all-in package would be proposed.

I am able to undertake the majority of shooting and editing required for most projects, but if we need the specialist input of graphic designers, animators or effects artists they will be brought into the project.

For certain projects where I am keen to extend my portfolio I will be happy to discuss reduced rates.

Contact Me.

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