About Reel Planet

Reel Planet is the production company for Oxford based filmmaker and videographer Gavin Carver. I am primarily a documentarist although I have also worked on dramatic fiction.  As a videographer I make films to commission from clients, as a documentarist I develop independent productions for which I seek funding, co-production and sponsorship. These are submitted to festivals, broadcast and curated distribution sites.  I will also work as a freelance filmmaker (principally camera) on other people’s projects.

This is the full length copy of Gyalmu’s House, my latest film.  It follows an extraordinary woman rebuilding her home and her life after she lost almost everything in the Nepal earthquake of 2015. To view in full screen (better) please go to Vimeo by clicking the Vimeo logo in film above, or following this link.

Further details are on the film’s website www.gyalmushouse.wordpress.com

Andante, my most viewed film (1.5m +) about a cellist hiking and playing in the wilderness can be viewed in full (10 mins) for free on my Vimeo page here or a slightly shorter version on Aeon Magazine’s website.

To see a fuller collection of my films please go to my Portfolio of Films.

Interests and specialisms

I have a wide range of interests and am happy to consider working on many projects however it is fair to say that I primarily work in two broad areas:.

  • Culture and the environment: the interplay between cultural practices and the natural or urban world, how one shapes the other, and how people make place, places make people.
  • Creative and technical processes and research including artists’ projects and profiles, and academic practical research

My last two independent documentary projects featured people in mountain landscapes (and involved lots of walking) – I guess I could call this a specialism.

My approach will depend upon the project’s aims, content and audience; this may mean creating a traditional factual programme with interviews, footage of activities, places and events and possibly library imagery, or it may lead towards something other: a wholly observational piece, or a filmic essay or poem. Needless to say any film needs a good story, and the first task will be to identify the narrative and characters.

Having been an academic for nearly two decades I am experienced with research methods and constructing arguments, and am familiar with good practice in creating learning materials.  Having specialised in theatre I know the power of a good story and compelling sound and image.

Services offered:

Email: gavincarver@reelplanet.co.uk

Or use the contact form below.  Thanks

Keywords: videography, documentary, filmmaking, oxford, oxfordshire.

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