Andante at Chicago but not (quite) Sheffield

Andante played at Chicago International Festival of Music and Movies last week.  I don’t know anybody who was there so I’ve no idea how it went – which is feels a bit odd really.  It was particularly unnerving as I had to get a rather complex (and costly) transfer done to meet the festival technical requirements.

Sadly, but not really surprisingly it did not get in to Sheffield Doc Fest (one of the most important doc fests in Europe).  I think Andante is a great little film, but I’m not sure I ever expected it to be up there with the very best of the year. However I have paid to have it included in the Videoteque.  To be honest I’m not sure of the value of this, and though the festival suggested that it was ‘selected’ for inclusion I’m not sure that they don’t just invite all films that were unsuccessful in the main programme – but anyway, it is worth a go.

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